Okanagan Sandlot Baseball is a Nike affiliated program, the first and only in Canada. Our store is available to the public for purchase at osb.gearupsports.net


Nike baseball does not ship to Canada. Therefore, all orders are to be shipped to one location in Washington State. From there OSB will have your parcel picked up and shipped to your door (this does create a longer shipping process). Orders will be picked up from our Washington location on a bi-weekly basis on Saturdays, beginning July 1, 2019.

If you make a purchase please email your receipt to axjscott@gmail.com so your parcel can be picked up in a timely matter.

SHIPPING ADDRESS: Okanagan & Alberta orders

  • 1920 North Main Street
  • Oroville, Washington
  • 98844

If you reside on the Lower Mainland and live close to a US shipping outlet, you may have your order shipped to the specific address near you.

Orders within America can be shipped directly to your door.